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October 22, 2019 Web Directory

SEO “Link Juice”

Lets look at what “Link juice” is exactly: “Link” refers to a path to another website with a certain amount of influence aka “juice” that any given website back link carries. In SEO its never good to assume but we will for this example, Let’s say there is one link on a website page and the link is to “your” home page. For the example If we state this link from another website to your page carries a value of “10” link juice units, and your link is the only one on the page, then your link would get all 10 link juice units. Many different factors play into link juice percentages and value to the search engines, but having links on medium or low OBL (Out Bound Links) websites makes a huge difference.

Now, let’s look at another SEO perspective.

Let’s say there are 10 different links on your linking page, only one of which is linking back to your website. The “link juice” is evenly divided and you’ll only get 1 “link juice” units. If you want to give all available link juice to one page, then only create 1 backlink, however this is very suspicious and can raise red flags with the search engines. When creating backlinks the more backlinks you have on any given page, the fewer amounts of link juice those backlinks will pass on to the various websites. Always keep this in mind when you create backlinks from your website or to your website. When mapping a link juice plan for your website, you should give the most important “home, services, contact” pages as much link juice as you can and prevent the non-important “weak” pages from taking link juice. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, ect. don’t reveal the specifics of their algorithm to that extent, and are always changing and tweaking them to stay ahead of the game. When your thinking of link juice as more of a theoretical concept it will help you to understand the situations, importance, and value of links and how you can use them to maximize your websites rankings. Many people will go even deeper with something called link sculpting or PageRank Sculpting which is what I just described in the sentences above. I wouldn’t stress too much about how much you can learn with link juice, but definitely keeping a basic understanding of it and use the principles to your advantage.

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