Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Common SEO Backlinking and Link Building Questions

Q: How much time on average do you need to process an order?

A: Once your payment via PayPal is complete, your order is automatically updated in our files to ensure a timely delivery. We strive to complete our orders ahead of the estimated time shown on each product page, but depending on your order size or requests it may take longer. We always try to contact our customers within 24 hours with any urgent questions or concerns.

Q: How to use Our Services on a brand new site?

A: We always suggests to start with buying 250 Dofollow Links a week for an aggressive campaign. Search Engines take roughly 2 weeks to SERP every website in the world, so you don’t have to worry about links getting indexed at once. The more you can keep a natural “drip feeding” of your links the better off you will be. Many clients will purchase large packages at once, and request they get started week after week.

So I have the option to set up and forget the link building for a whole month?

Q: What is the key to avoiding a Google Penguin penalty in the future?

A: It’s Easy. Stick to using a minimum of 60% relevant generic anchor texts as keywords for your order.

Q: What payment Methods Do You Accept?

A: We currently accept online payments via Paypal the most secure way to make payments online. PayPal is the easiest way to accept your online payments and gives you the flexibility of using a debit card, credit card or straight from your paypal linked bank account. No account is required to complete an order on our website.

Q: Do you guarantee I will get to the top of the major search engines?

A: YES!!!! – No, realistically… No one can ever make guarantees that you will get to the top of the search engines because it depends on so many factors with your website. Some include the quality of your website, it’s “Onsite Optimization”, your SEO competition and many other factors. With our linking services you will get a massive SEO boost and if all other steps have been taken then significant results will occur!